~a wylde apothecary?~

so why *a wylde apothecary*?

wylde…occurring, growing or living in natural state, unruly, strong, uncontrolled emotion, fantastic…apothecary…from the Old French apotecaire, from Late Latin apothcrius~warehouseman, from apothca, from Greek apothk~storehouse…

...this wylde apothecary is not an apothecary dispensing conventional medicine...this is a place where the imagination runs free and where you can find the fanciful things I create from my unruly mind.Here you will find delights of nature created from wool, metal, gems, berry, leaf and wood~the fly agaric of the woods, Avalons Apples... scents and magic drawn out of the things I find in the forest....

if you see something you like and wish to purchase please see my items on ebay or contact me if they are not on ebay

by the gorgeous wild roses

The Birch The Oak and Rowan
The Wylde Apothecary gleans,
Of Lavender and Rosemary
The Wylde Apothecary dreams.
She enchants the Worlde with Wonders
As she weaves her magick wreaths
With tinctures spelles and scruples
And Rose and Dragon's breath.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

~Avalons Apples & Elen Pendants for sale~

Avalons Apples

All my painted pendants are hand painted by my own fair hand and comes hanging on hand felted cord.

 Mystical Fly Agaric

Cave Art inspired Goddess

 Cave Art Inspired Elen of the Ways

Avalons Apples

Cave Art Inspired Elen of the Ways

Thursday, 13 August 2015

~fae footwear~

well its funny the things you find while pottering in the garden...

hidden under a fern on its side, a tiny little green boot with a grubby sole...

some little fae had obviously been disturbed while doing its own gardening...

coming soon to the wylde apothecary a selection of one of a kind fae footwear!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Hand Felted Cord for Pendants

As well as working on stickers I have been busy making hand/wet felted cord that I am pairing with my pendants

I am fascinated by ancient trade routes, how precious items made their way over thousands of miles and this inspired my Ancient Trade Route pendants made with glass beads and crystals

Here at the wylde apothecary the sticker pixie has been very busy
a page on facebook ...Tarra Pyksys has been set up where the new stickers are featured.
They are now on Etsy and new ones will be added daily.
All of these are available in assorted colours

Elven Star

Celtic Knot style Elven Star

Triple Moon

We had produced two sets of fungi which we think will be ideal for creating a scene...I am using a brown set to create a scene on our French folding caravan Lilith and will post pictures soon

A pixie fae wearing funky boots...she comes complete with a handful of little silver stars

Saturday, 4 July 2015

~pagan stickers~

well things are slowly becoming more organised and I have listed the first four of many stickers on Etsy

the choice of colours are listed and we have more colours awaiting delivery.

my sticker-pixie is away today to see AC/DC at wembley but he will 
be back to work on monday sending the many images i have ready into the cutter plotter.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

~stickers from the sticker-pixie for the wylde apothecary~

here in the beautiful new forest i now have a sticker-pixie working to create enchanting pagan themed vinyl stickers.
these are high quality external and internal stickers which are ideal for decorating your car, campervan, caravan, laptop, tablet...even your home...I am thinking of having some made to decorate my kitchen cupboards!

~available colours~
forest green
mid blue
gentian blue

we have purple and silver awaiting delivery (the wrong colour was sent instead of purple from the vinyl company so had to return...silly people!)
if you want any specific colour let us know and we will see if it is available.
I will be placing colour samples on Etsy when I list the stickers for sale.

we have ready for sale (sample images)...

large cauldron with stars or bubbles 140mm (size not including stars) £4 plus P&P

small cauldron with stars or bubbles 115mm £3 plus P&P

large gnome silhouette with lantern 225mm £4 plus P&P
small gnome silhouette with lantern £2.50 plus P&P

quotes~assorted fonts
we will also make up custom names for those of you who name your car, camper or caravan. Just send me a message!

blessed be

the old ways are alive

coming soon!


crescent moon with stars
packs of stars (Elven and five point)
howling wolf with spirals
Elven star
assorted leaf designs

assorted fonts

green witch
fae witch
nature is my church
lunar powered
as above so below
pagan warrior
goddess worshipper
follow me to the forest
tree hugging dirt worshipper
its a witch thing


it takes time to create the image, cut them out and place them on the backing paper ready for sending out, so please be patient, but these will all slowly start to appear on the Etsy shop over the coming week!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

~soon to be for sale~

these wood painted pendants are awaiting thier coat of satin varnish and will be placed on my etsy shop for sale